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We have developed frameworks that provide Testing As A Service (TAAS), leveraging on clients requirements and business needs.

Static Testing

We have developed our own static testing methodology that can be implemented at any organization with our help. With our checklists, we validate and verify every single artifact in the SDLC. We can show case ROI before and after Static Test would have been carried out.

Manual Testing

Experience and skills has a role to play when it comes to Manual Testing. At staticdynamictesting, we ensure completeness of testing, bring in all the manual testing types into bear. Our tester follows a written test plan that leads them through a set of important test cases. Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects.

Automation Testing

Automated software testing is an alternative to manual testing, where software tools, not human testers, execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production. The tools manage test execution, report outcomes and compare results with earlier test runs.

Performance Testing

We define SLAs for expected Performance Testing results. We know the availability, reliability and scalability for a system’s ability to complete transactions and to furnish information rapidly and accurately despite high multi-user interaction or constrained hardware resources.

Security Testing

Software application security and Internet security are now critical factors in IT performance, impacting everything from business continuity to cost management. We assists clients understand their threat environment, identify what information to protect, and choose the security solution that best meets their needs.

Software Test Training

Individuals who are looking to transition their career into an IT position new university graduates who want to demonstrate their capability in Software Testing. At staticdynamictesting, we recommended that exam candidates be familiar with the concepts of and have hands-on experience with the technologies described here, either by taking relevant training courses.

DevOps -Docker Environment

Whether it be a simple environment with one machine to test and discover Docker or a full redundancy production environment on multiple machines, staticdynamictesting is the best destination to help you.

Testing Tools

We don not use one single software testing tool for all application. We pride ourselves with software tools box for different classics of application. A good mechanic is one that is branded for a particular car. Our software tester are expert in different software tools.


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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. -- William A Foster

Static Dynamic Testing Solution Limited (SDTS) is an Independent Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company serving fortune global clients. Established June, 2011. A subsidiary of microware communications limited, 1998 operates in 2 countries (Nigeria and Ghana). SDTS helps its customers to optimize quality, performance and availability of their software solutions/applications in cost effective way and ensures unparalleled quality of service to improve their competitive edge. SDTS offers a comprehensive range of testing solutions for most complex and demanding environments. We have proven track record of software testing engagements spanning a diverse spectrum of domains such as Government, Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Telecom. Our Testers, Performance Engineers and Technical Analysis designs Test Framework, Methodology and Quality Road Maps for homogeneous and heterogeneous environment for Static, Functional and Non-functional Testing Life Cycle for Mobile Applications, Standalone Systems, Client/Server Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) spanning to Oracle Architecture Integrated Application (AIA) and Enterprise Service Framework (ESF). We leverage our expertise in our ability to maximize our clients ROI by entwining business perspective into performance engineering.

  • proven track record
  • diverse spectrum of domains
  • maximize our clients ROI
  • optimize quality, performance and availability

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